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As of July 2013 we are also on 98.9 FM 24/7! 

WQOR 750 AM, 1490 AM & 98.9 FM  –

Catholic Radio for 

the Diocese of Scranton

"Go therefore and make

disciples of all nations, 

baptizing them... teaching

them to observe all that I

have commanded you.."
(Mt 28:19-20)

So begins The Great Commission by the risen Jesus of the eleven, the predecessors of our Catholic Bishops today, in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church led by the successor of Peter; the Church Jesus personally promised to be with always . . . !

Goal 2 of The Secretariat for Evangelization of the United States conference of Catholic Bishops in June, 2003 stated: 

"To invite all people in the United States, whatever their social or cultural background, to hear the message of salvation in Jesus Christ so they may come to join us in the fullness of the Catholic faith"

Having established listener-supported Catholic radio in the Buffalo and Rochester, NY Dioceses, Holy Family Communications - at the invitation of Most Reverend James C. Timlin, then Bishop of Scranton - began broadcasting on WQOR 750 AM (Queen of the Rosary) in 2003. The station reached much of our 11-county diocese, primarily with EWTN programming. In 2005 HFC extended coverage by leasing WITK 1550 AM.

Unfortunately, after four years of operation it became clear to Jim Wright, President of Holy Family Communications, that listener support for its Scranton stations was not sufficient to allow it to continue broadcasting locally. After discontinuing broadcasting on WITK in 2007, Mr. Wright advised Ed Niewinski, Chairman of the local Catholic Radio Advisory Board, that by early 2008 Holy Family Communications would also have to cease broadcasting on WQOR. Catholics of the Diocese of Scranton owe much to Mr. Wright for all he and his staff did to establish Catholic radio in the Diocese and maintain it for five years.  

However, aware that Catholics were about to lose the only Catholic radio station in our region, Ed Niewinski and his wife Carol secured a substantial loan and, in January, 2008, formed JMJ Radio Inc., a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, whose sole purpose is to keep Catholic radio on the air in the Diocese of Scranton.

On March 19, 2008, JMJ Radio Inc. completed their purchase of WQOR 750 AM. The new station broadcasts the best in Catholic radio programming, almost entirely from EWTN, the Eternal Word Television Network in Birmingham, Alabama.  

EWTN programming includes the daily Mass, the Rosary and other prayers, programs about scripture, evangelization, theology, Catholic history, Catholic apologetics (defending the Faith) and several listener call-in shows. Mr. Niewinski intends to add local programming and improve the station’s signal to reach a wider area. 

Listener support is essential to keep WQOR 750 AM on the air.

The new station is 100% supported by listener contributions.

To volunteer service and/or provide support, please call 

(570) 287-4670.  Please see the contact page for details. 

Please encourage friends and family members to listen to and support this station. Priests, too, are encouraged to recommend WQOR 750 AM to parishioners as a means of growing in holiness and gaining a deeper understanding of our Catholic Faith.  

WQOR 750 AM receives no financial support from the diocese, 

but has received the endorsement of 

Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera, Bishop of Scranton.

As President, Mr. Niewinski has done much to make it easier for area listeners to keep the new station on the air. Only one station is now operated rather than two and the new station operates with no paid staff. Thanks to the generosity of the Very Reverend Paul McDonnell, O.S.J., superior of the Pennsylvania Province of the Oblates of St. Joseph and its seminary rector, the WQOR studio, with all equipment, has been moved from Dunmore, PA, to the Oblates facility in Pittston, PA. 

Father Leo J. McKernan and Father McDonnell are members of the new corporation’s executive board and serve as its spiritual advisors. They and the eight members of the advisory board, as well as Mr. And Mrs. Niewinski, serve without compensation.  

It is our prayerful hope – having come so close to losing this vital means of communicating the truths of the Catholic Faith in our region - that the prayers and financial support of listeners will now ensure the future of Catholic radio in the Scranton Diocese.

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